Queues snaked around supermarket car parks, toilet paper was being used as currency...

And you had more chance of snagging Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket than getting a delivery slot for your weekly shop.

At the beginning of April 2020, as the country turned to each other for support, two old mates from Hamilton discussed how they could help...


So they rocked up to Glasgow’s Famous Fruit Market with a plan.

They would score some fresh produce, then share a post online asking if anyone in the community needed a delivery.

The response from people in need was huge…

They bought a battered old transit van lovingly dubbed the ‘Tattie Wagon’

And began cruising the streets of Glasgow and Lanarkshire dropping off Fresh Fruit and Tasty Veg to grateful smiling faces…

Team Nourish was on the road. 

Over 10,000 Deliveries and one new store later...

our small start-up has blossomed.

We opened our fine food grocer in early 2021 to a thriving community of absolute fruity belters who are driving us on to create a better kind of business…

One That Puts People and Planet Over Profit...

Guided by Three Simple Principles…

We are massive food geeks.

We could debate the nuanced flavour of candy-striped beetroot amongst ourselves for hours on end.

So when we started this adventure we swore we would hunt high and low for the best food by the finest producers

Which is why we ensure every item that graces our shelves has been tasted and vetted for the best of quality ingredients.

By partnering with awesome artisanal producers we make sure only the best of gear makes it onto your plates.

The world of diet and nutrition has become a mind boggling minefield of contrasting views.

High Carb, Low Carb.

Fat is Good, Fat is Evil.

Carnivores Vs Vegans.

We understand how difficult it is to know what's best for your family's health.

So we try and keep it simple. The one thing all of modern medicine can agree upon for optimal health is this...

Eat minimally processed whole foods.

Food has an incredible power to unite us.

Offering moments of respite and hope from otherwise difficult times.

We're on a mission to share that love with as many people as possible.

We use a portion of our profits to make up recipe parcels for our charity partner 'Healthy Valleys' who empower people through cooking courses to take control of their health through nutrition.

We are constantly on the lookout for new initiatives to support so please do reach out to us if you work with a food charity.